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Our team comes from the most successful companies in the fields of self-driving cars, farming, and consumer electronics, as well as from the leading AI labs in the world. Our leaders have led companies from zero to enduring brands and successful exits. We have all come together to build the future of precision agriculture.

Our agricultural systems have to become more sustainable. As the world population grows, the decreasing availability of farming resources coupled with people's desire for more environmentally-friendly products are driving a sense of urgency. Not only does a change need to happen but it needs to happen now.

In the last 10 years, computer vision has made huge strides. The opportunity to improve farming with camera-based systems is tremendous and finally within reach.

Machines can and will become more precise, efficiently conducting field interventions using just the right amount of resources. FarmWise is leading the revolution. Our journey starts with weeding.


Be grower obsessed

When we build products and features, we start and end with growers in mind, focusing on what's best for the long term.


Meet challenge with action

Many interesting problems look impossible to solve, at first. We embrace this and don't shy away from hard problems. We chase the big ideas and encourage disruptive ideas and action plans. We value action and accountability, and we encourage failure when taken as an opportunity to learn and improve.


Value ideas over egos

We set aside being right, in favor of finding the right idea. Finding the right idea comes from questioning and challenging, so we trust our teammates' expertise and assume the best intentions from everyone. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves, and are open to being wrong

"Agriculture is something that I've been part of most of my life. My family has worked in this industry for more than 25 years harvesting crops like lettuce and broccoli. Knowing that I work for a farm robotics company that soon will be the way we farm and getting to share that with friends and family just makes me extremely happy."

Diego Alcantar

District Sales Manager

"After completing my PhD in machine learning in the field of emission-free urban transportation, I wanted to find another project that was centered around sustainability where I could apply my craft. I find it to be extremely motivating to be working for FarmWise, as I believe I contribute to making a positive impact on agriculture. I find it rewarding to use my scientific and programming skills to develop, improve and deploy state-of-the-art AI models that contribute to reducing chemical use and promoting sustainable farming practices."

Florian Toque

Machine Learning Engineer

"I have always been drawn to practical design, and FarmWise requires combining mechanical, electrical, and software engineering to create functional products. It brings me great satisfaction that I can go out into a field and see that the work we do here is directly contributing to a sustainable future."

Ken Masterson

Senior Electrical Engineer

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